Christmas Swirls

Machine quilting, whether it’s on a long-arm or a domestic sewing machine, takes practice. Panel quilts are wonderful for practicing.

It takes time and practice for the quality of our stitches, the smoothness of our curves or the straightness of our lines to improve.  We have to invest the time to train our muscles to perform the way our brain is telling them to perform, this is called muscle memory.

To become a successful quilter, you must teach your muscles to remember what it feels like to make smooth curves, flowing lines, and graceful shapes by practicing over and over again. This is something that can’t be learned in a book or watching another quilter.  The best way to learn to machine quilt is by repeating a single design, until your mind and your muscles work together. Using a panel quilt will not only get you to the quilting sooner than piecing but it will also give you a smother surface to practice on.

 I purchased this All Aglow Quilt Kit from Keepsake quilting. It is a preprinted Hoffman Spectrum Digital panel. I added a border, and sandwiched the quilt top, batting and backing. I then practiced using my basting.  A wall size quilt is an easy way to turn practicing a waste of valuable time to a real quilt instead.

I ended up not only getting the practice I needed for my memory muscles, but also a beautiful quilt. 

Enjoy this wonderful learning experience.